Aavik S-580

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My experience
The premium S-580 series is Aavik’s flagship model of this series.

The Aavik S-580 has dynamic musicality, a natural sound stage which features an unprecedented clarity, resolution, tonality, dynamics, musicality, precision and smoothness. 

The sound is crystal clear, big, is able to captivate the listener and is very pleasant to listen to.. Emotionally engaging and thrilling the senses.

The S-580 has a unique copper inner chassis, titanium level resonance control and the maximum Ansuz Acoustics resonance mitigation technology, taking performance to a statement level. The S-580 is created by audiophiles with decades of experience in building electronics with world class sonic performance. There are technologies used in the S-580 that you will simply never experience elsewhere and is a wonderful example of how far the streamer technologies have progressed in recent times.

The Aavik S-580 streamer is Roon certified.