Accuphase T-108

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    Accuphase makes the finest tuners in the world…

    The Accuphase T-108 is a synthesizer FM stereo tuner that has developed technology to realise the ultimate grade as a tuner. Tuning for channel selection is achieved by using a crystal oscillator, with less deviation due to time or temperature change, and with electronic tuning, almost no modulation distortion or noise due to external vibration occurs.

    The Accuphase T-108 has a memory for up to 16 stations available for multi-station operation and if needed to turn on a filter or change the selectivity depending on the station where the signal is weak, you can set a function corresponding to the signal condition of the station in advance. In addition to memory tuning, a manual tuner using a rotary knob of pulse tuning type is mounted…  

    The Accuphase T-108 is in excellent mint condition, comes from the first owner and has been always treated with utmost care. The Accuphase T-108 has a big, rich sound and sounds like no tuner you have ever heard before!

    The Accuphase T-108 has been fully serviced by Audio-service, based in the Netherlands. Service documentation is available.

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