Alieno 250 LTD MK2

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My experience
A complete different level of performance… Ultra High-end in all its glory!

The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 is an extraordinary amplification system, with a single ended triode design, which is able to power any (difficult)speaker. The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 is a true ground-breaking product. The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 is an OTL-OCL (Output Transformer Less & Output Capacitor Less) Single Ended, pure Class A amplifier and is te first and only amplifier in the world utilising two 300B tubes generating 250W per channel.

The secret is the proprietary LTD technology (Loudspeaker Tube Direct) which allows the use of tubes exclusively for amplification circuitry with transistors used exclusively for power supply and protection circuits. The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 is not a hybrid tube/transistor amplifier.

Purity, tone, immediacy, emotion, refinement and naturalness of a 300B Single Ended Triode(SET) amplifier combined with huge power and control, great bass and grip and no NO negative feedback.
The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 is one of the fastest amplifiers I came across.

The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 is build beautifully futuristic with its adjustable light design. Very high standard design and for sure a luxurious piece of Art in any (Ultra high-end audio)room.

The Alieno 250 LTD MK2 achieves what many consider to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of amplification… Mind blowing!