Alieno preamp MK2

€ 29.995,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The Alieno Preamp MK2 contains many unique and exclusive technical design features and technologies. I do not know how they do it but the Alieno preamp MK2 uses an innovative technology to obtain an ultra-refined yet powerful signal. This technology offers completely distortion free signal handling. The Alieno preamp MK2 has key technological features which deliver this incredible performance; transparency, accuracy and speed of the musical signal.

One of the two pairs of tubes used in the ALIENO Preamplifier is the 6H30 (the other pair is the ECC82). This tube is acclaimed in the audio design field for the purity of its sound. After its breaking in period, the 6H30 embraces the listener with natural tonality and wonderful realism.

The Alieno preamp MK2 is an attempt to make the world’s best preamplifier; uncompromising in its design and sound reproduction. With its unique design and no-expense spared build quality, it is simply one of the best sounding preamplifiers ever created.

Transparent to the source and facilitates, the Alieno preamp MK2 delivers nothing but the music!