Devialet / Atohm GT1-DV, incl. Speaker cables

€ 1.295,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
Designed and made in France by Thierry Comte, founder of the firm Welcohm Technology, the Atom GT1 speakers are compact two channel models of the GT Series range, which act equally as two tower speakers.

In this set the GT1 contains a special edition Devialet and supports a very attractive white lacquered finish. The absence of a cover allows one to appreciate the contrast between the pristinely white case and the satin black of the loud speakers. This Atohm speaker is provided with a rear chamber to improve its performance when playing extremely low frequencies.

This Atohm GT1 is used with the SAM processor which results to be very good and far superior to what you can expected from compact speakers and proving that one should not be deceived by appearance or indeed, by size. The Atohm GT1 speakers produce a great sound, demonstrating that the Devialet amplifier does not need oversized speakers to produce great sound quality.