Devialet Expert 140 PRO

€ 2.750,00

(excl. transport)

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ADH®, SAM®, RAM®, EVO®… The Expert 140 Pro features all of Devialet’s exclusive technologies.

The Expert Pro is the world’s most advanced audiophile system, meant for music lovers in search of a refined and emotional listening experience. Designed to replace traditional Hi-Fi systems, Expert Pro delivers all the core elements of playback; preamp, amp, DAC, streamer and phono stage, in a single and ultra-compact unit. By rethinking sound reproduction at every turn, Devialet engineers have been able to achieve the best performance ever measured, at all power levels. With a precise and natural attack, explosive dynamics, naked silence and beautifully true timbre, the experience is breathtaking. With a power of 2 x 140 watts at 6 ohms, it effortlessly controls most speakers. And if you want to upgrade, combine it with a second unit and you can configure it as a mono power amplifier with 210W per channel of power! The integrated media player gives you access to an endless amount of wireless music and possibilities, which you can control with your smartphone or the special Devialet Remote app. It is compatible with ROON, AirPlay and Spotify Connect. With limitless detail and dynamics at any volume, the unique SAM (Speaker Active Matching) system can match the amp to your speakers for perfect timing.

And as an uncompromising high-end product, the Expert 140 pro would ofcourse not be complete without a solid block machined aluminum construction and a super exclusive design that fits perfectly into even the most modern furnishings. Super easy to use and if you are not a great fan of multiple Highend components, cables, etc., this is the one you definitely want to have..

The Devialet Expert 140 Pro has a beautiful dark chrome finish.