GoldenEar Triton Five

€ 1.250,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The GoldenEar Triton Five, though very affordable, are very nice passive speakers of a higher class. They are wonderfully universal, have a very decent appearance and they can actually play any music genre, recording quality and even electronics. They play with ease and liveliness and have a round, colorful and cultivated sound. The bass can be described as very good, pretty explosive and nicely accurate. The Triton Five is attractive and, above all, pleasant. If you are looking for cultivated listening to anything and at any time, then the Triton Five are for you.. they add warmth, fluffiness, volume and power and a sense of depth. Although the pillars are relatively slim, they do not suffer from a lack of dynamics. Their expression is lively and impressive and the overall dynamic is impressive and engaging. 

Their transparency of reproduction is very good, the sound is big, the stage is impressive and have the talent to play anything.. What do you want more 🙂