Goldmund Telos 590 NextGen | SPECIAL OFFER

My experience
Goldmund’s main principle is to reproduce a precise sound with the least possible loss of quality.

Besides its specs and quality of sound, the design and build quality is superb to the highest standards and beautiful minimalistic.

The Telos 590 Nextgen is a class A/B design and sounds dynamic, very pure, musically, emotionally catching and very natural. The Telos 590 Nextgen has an excellent resolution, sounds clear, warm, neutral, fast, transparent and very lively. The built-in DAC is of a very high quality, equal to external DACs costing several of thousands of Euros. The DAC matches the amp completely, sounds precise, fluid and creates a very pleasant rich midrange.

It is all about the end result which is the Music…and Music the Telos 590 Nextgen reproduces beautifully!