Jeff Rowland 535 | Stereo amp

The experience
The Jeff Rowland 535 is an all Striking beauty, produces stunning sound and rock solid reliability!

The Jeff Rowland 535 is a bridgeable power amplifier that delivers stunning dynamic realism and expressive refinement. The chassis is made from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. The units are incredibly heavy for their small size. The 535 amplifier has a beautiful fit and finish, is solidly engineered, produces great power which should be able to drive many loudspeakers.

A complete satisfaction…From a single Model 535 in stereo mode powering an intimate audio system, up to multiple bridged units powering a complex home theater setup, down to a bridged pair driving a sophisticated two-channel environment. The 535 exposes exquisite resolution, authority, and control to speakers of almost any size and any load.

The Jeff Rowland 535 is stunning and very surprising in excellent performance!