Jeff Rowland Model 9 Ti Hc | Mono amps

My experience
Very hard to get and much sought after… limited amount sold world wide.. Now available!

The Jeff Rowland Model 9Ti Hc is one of the rarest and best Mono amps I have ever came across with. Fully powered by batteries(BPS) these beautiful monsters blow you away. Amazing pitch black background is for me so far unmatched. Solid as a rock and state of the art intelligent bipolar transistors produce incomparable levels of musical clarity. I have owned many great amps but the Model 9 Ti Hc are truly on another level. Even though they are released in 2002, they are superb in any way, beautiful build quality, thick heavy high quality aluminum faceplate with handles and overall just as impressive.

You just start to wonder if all great amps released now-a-days are so much better then a state of the art Jeff Rowland Ti Hc with BPS.. What an incredible reproduction of musicality..