Kharma Matrix Reference power cord | 2.0m | 3x

€ 200,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The Matrix Reference Power cable is based on heavy gauge stranded copper conductors. These conductors are positioned in a unique crossed quad formation. This crossed quad formation is a low-noise construction which leads to effective passive filtering of unwanted high frequency electrical interference and makes your installation reveal a very clean sound and a clear picture. The conductors are also placed behind shielding, protecting them from electromagnetic interference. This power cable is terminated with high quality gold plated plugs of carefully selected materials for superior sound quality, durability and reliability.

All this leads to a very clear and revealing cable, which gives your installation a sense of quietness and ease, but yet with lots of dynamics, power and an open and wide stereo image. 

Kharma power cables can be one of your most important components upgrades.