Linn Akurate DSM 3 Katalyst

€ 4.695,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
For those preferring a minimal but amazing High-end set up..

Linn’s Katalyst has received raving acclaim and is recognised as an upgrade of significant proportions. Completely isolated from noise to produce a high-stability input Reference Level.

It is very impressive just listening to the Akurate DSM at work. Near limitless resolving power simply blows you away, conveys things to the listener that are presented in an absolutely tangible and realistic way. High-end class! The Akurate DSM is much more than a network player; an excellent D/A converter with an equally delicious pre-amp and flawlessly working streaming functions.

The Katalyst technology leads to significantly improved values and the greatest increase in sound; the sound image gains in depth, clarity, soundstage and naturalness.

Easy to set up, easy in use, less cabling and fewer components..Just pure amazing High-end quality!