Marantz TT-1000 Mk2 & SME V tone arm

€ 7.495,00

(excl. transport)

The experience
The TT1000 MK2 was designed and manufactured by Micro-Seiki for Marantz and was the epitome of Japanese turntable excellence. The plinth has been built on a massive 38mm thick laminate of two 15mm glass plates sandwiched by an 8mm aluminium alloy interlayer. To absorb any vibrations of the 25.3kg machine, Micro Seiki used the MSB-100 impact absorbing feet with an inventive air seal.

The Marantz TT-1000 MK2 is super rare! You will have to search very well to find the TT-1000 MK2 if you really want one. They are becoming collector items and therefor are not cheap. Even by today’s standards, the Marantz TT-1000 MK2 is one of the most traditionally simple, attractive, and well engineered turntables ever created. It sounds magnificent and back in time it was the pinnacle of Marantz.

This TT-1000 mk2 comes with the raving SME series V tone arm and Goldring excel cartridge, checked and serviced by Van de Hul.

The Marantz TT-1000 MK2 has a small glass flaw at the back of the glass body. When set up the glass flaw is not noticeable/visible. See the photo taken of the back of the glass body.