Mark Levinson 32 | Reference pre-amp

€ 8.995,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
In one word..Amazing! A true, much sought after, collectors Highend preamp.

Build without limits, contains the best components of its time and up to today a true collectors item.

The ML 32 is the first reference preamplifier, designed without any compromise to offer the ultimate performance. The label reference is reserved for those Mark Levinson products that meet the very highest level of performance, in terms of sound, quality and measurement. 

The ML 32 is super beautiful designed, quite heavy, a bit industrial looking, is delightful to use and is sonically competitive with some of the best tube preamps available. The ML 32 shows lots of detail, grace, flow, control and it regenerates its own power as well.

The Mark Levinson No.32 Reference is a true connoisseur’s preamp!