Mark Levinson 326S | Pre amp

€ 3.945,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
Very neutral sounding pre-amp, with a superb quality of construction. A beautiful contrast and detail in Sound. Designed like it’s mostly praised top of the line ML 32, this pre-amp for sure can bring you a smile on your face.

This ML 326S is an official upgrade from an ML 320S. The upgrade has been done December last year and the upgrade certificate will be enclosed. The upgrade has been done by a Danish authorized Mark Levinson / Harman service partner. The upgrade from an ML 320S to an ML 326S requires to change to an Arlon motherboard only. The 326S is Sonical and Soundwise identical with a factory built ML 326S preamp and comes from the first owner.

Your best opportunity to get an ML 326S for a very low price.