Mark Levinson 331 | Amp

€ 2.295,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The Mark Levinson 331 is a true powerhouse and build as a tank. Love the industrial design of the older versions. 🙂 The Mark Levinson 331 has a natural-sounding midrange, a clear and grain free treble, is very detailed, very dynamic, spacious and throws a well-defined soundstage. The Mark Levinson 331 is consistently lush and effortless..a true tribute to the quality of the original amplifiers of the ’90’s. For those who search for a great powerful amplifier with even fine sonic qualities of small amps, then this is your Amp!

The No. 331 is a true high end performer, capable of doing full circle. Resolute imaging, dynamic orchestral blasts and an overall musicality.

If you are looking for an amplification system that can drive your loudspeakers without any compromise then this Mark Levinson 331 deserves your full attention!