Mark Levinson 33H | Mono amps

My experience
Always hard to get and much sought after… Now available!

The Mark Levinson 33H has set the standard for precision, quality, and top-notch performance!

Again a true ML High-end Reference collectors item all the way. 

Operating in a fully balanced configuration, the ML 33H power amplifier was a huge technical development. After releasing the ML 33, producing the highest power ever from a Mark Levinson product, the ML 33H was definitely the next new pinnacle of sonic achievement!

The ML 33H Mono Power Amplifier combines extraordinary power delivery with effortless control and unparalleled refinement. The ML 33H has a separate power supply (each with its own power transformer) for both the inverting and non-inverting halves of the amplifier.

Besides all the amazing Reference technology, the ML 33H is pretty HUGE, very heavy(100kg each) and has a very beautiful industrial design.

The ML 33H stands for massive power, extraordinary finesse and amazing control.