Mark Levinson 380

€ 1.895,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The Mark Levinson No. 380 is built like a tank, sounds very transparent and is without question a great value. The bass, treble, and midrange are all very full with no emphasis on any particular area. The specifications between the 380 and 380S are the same, but the main difference is that the “S” version has teflon circuit boards. The sound detail is great. It reproduces everything what is being played, which is sometimes a curse, because CD’s are just not always recorded well. The difference between an ML 38 and an ML 380 are up to 84 changes, including 20 new active devices and 64 new passive parts. The ML 380 introduced new device technology unavailable at the time that the original preamplifiers were conceived and in some cases replacing complete circuit/technology blocks while preserving the same basic overall topology.

The ML 380 delivers inspiring musical performance and still gets raving reviews from music lovers all over the world.