MBL 111F

My experience
The MBL 111F is really another level of sound experience.

Its sound waves are radiated spherically and is creating a natural three-dimensional acoustic pattern. For those who are not familiar with this kind of sound reproduction, well be prepared because it is quite an experience if there is no sweet spot for you to aim at..:)

Regardless of any type of music you prefer the MBL patented radial-beam principle is a true guarantee for a total listening pleasure; the finest nuances are reproduced with ease and sound with a purity and beauty that will impress you right from the very start.

The MBL 111F has an enormous bass foundation, unlimited dynamics and impressive impact, the mid-range and tweeter are very enjoyably airy and light. All the finest nuances are reproduced with an enormous ease and produces more definition and less distortion. 

The MBL 111F satisfies for sure your desire for exquisite sound quality!