MBL C31 | CD player

€ 3.345,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
Winner of countless awards… You know for sure you have an incredibly special CD player on your hands.

This MBL C 31 comes with the additional “Palinux” option, a precious palladium alloy similar to dark chrome. The MBL C31 has a fine high range without any fatiguing and a midrange that is very fluid, but does not bloom too much or sounds too sterile. The bass response goes very low, but is neither dry nor boomy. The MBL C31 sounds warm and romantic, laid back rather than overly etched, and delightfully relaxed.

Beautiful build quality, truly German craftsmanship. A pleasure to listen to, the MBL C31 CD player’s inviting, non-fatiguing sound and very easy on the ears.