MBL C51 | Integrated amp

€ 3.945,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The C51 is a very solid, beautiful build and heavy integrated amp. No matter what kind of speakers the amplifier will be paired with, you get a big, expansive soundstage. The MBL C51 gives a beautiful soundstage taking place in the complete space between the speakers and beyond. One can also be pleased with the soundstage saturation.

The MBL C51 is all about quality and provides the strong foundation by carefully combining the functions of the preamp and amplifier in one elegant chassis. No compromises here… A powerful and efficient amplifier…MBL to its true core.

This MBL C 51 comes with the additional “Palinux” option, a precious palladium alloy similar to dark chrome.

The greatest asset is the combination of high dynamics and open treble, large volume and very well differentiated.

MBL strikes again!