MSB Analog DAC | Max modules

€ 6.250,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
This MSB Analog DAC is the most expensive version. Fully equipped with the best input modules, such as USB2 384KHz, MSB I2S Pro, Volume control + remote, SPDIF module with Coax and Toslink digitale inputs and the Renderer V2 module, which turns the MSB Analog DAC in a Roon endpoint.

The MSB Analog DAC has a solid unibody design, milled from a solid aluminium plate, with a beautiful anodised finish. Machined right through the aluminum, more than 1000 small holes reveal a beautiful but discrete LED display.

The MSB Analog DAC has a great focused sound, is organic, reproduces a natural presentation, is super accurate, detailed and has for sure the ability to match the best qualities of any other DAC. This MSB DAC is able to create perhaps your most emotional musical experience.

The MSB Analog DAC is super slim, takes very little space, is easy to use and due to the Volume control and Roon possibility you will only be needing additionally a great amplifier and a pair of matching speakers. A small setup with a huge quality impact.

WAF proof guaranteed! ; )



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