SME 20/2 + V-arm

My experience
This SME turntable and its companion V arm are masterpieces of mechanical engineering and industrial design.

The Model 20/2’s subchassis is supported by four stanchions, which contains in total 64 rubber O-rings for the total suspension. The O-rings are adjustable, while a central fluid-damper helps control the sub- chassis motion. All of this creates an exceptionally high degree of isolation against structure-borne feedback.

Levelling is possible via four feet on the base. A screw down clamp in combination with SME’s special mat ensures the most intimate contact between vinyl and platter. The platter itself is heavy and superbly damped. The motor housing, with on/off switch, speed selection and adjustment, is outboard and of course the drive is belt driven. Once set up properly the Model 20/2 requires no additional adjustments.

The SME Model 20/2–V exerts a great degree of control over playing LP’s. The result is clean, very right, true, and natural. The presentation is seamless top to bottom in frequency response, dynamic range, coherence. Lots of depth, spread, solidity, and continuousness not likely to be equaled easy.

SME 20/2 V is a wanna have state-of-the-art system for the reproduction of vinyl.