Soulution 330 +Phono +DAC | Integrated amp

My experience
Extreme precision, pristine aesthetics, endless research and exemplary quality.

The Soulution 330 integrated has the ability to strike just the right balance of musical and technical elements and delivers the sonic goods beautifully. A performance of the highest order by effortlessly releasing a highly refined, live-like shimmering and organic sound image out of Any loudspeaker.

The incredibly natural mid-range, which is seldom heard, so free of affect and convincingly. The dynamic speed and above all the wide, perfectly staggered, three-dimensional sound stage.

The digital card stands out, which sounds soft, very delicate and incredibly touchingly harmonious in its preparation of all data streams. The MC-phono card, sounds particularly clear and open, for the vinyl lovers amongst us.

For those graving for Soulution’s Swiss sound and tech built-to-last, the 3 series is some of the finest solid-state around.