Soulution 725 +Phono | Pre amp

€ 18.995,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
In one word..AMAZING!

So much balanced, crystal clear, a true Musical experience and one of the best soundstages I have ever experienced.

The Solution 725 is a big handshake with my TAD M-600 and Magico Q5. I couldn’t believe my ears… Breathtaking beautiful! The 725 preamplifier has an amazing breathtaking three-dimensional sound quality. Unsurpassed wealth of detail. Incredible punch at low frequencies. Distortions and noise reduced to its maximum. Its sound quality has definitely proved to be second to none.

This Soulution 725 with Phono was officially upgraded from a 720 to a 725. Every part has been replaced; complete line board and 2x power supply. From this point on the complete unit was practically new. The Solution 725 has been upgraded from of 25.11.2016 and only used a few times since.

If you are looking for the best world top pre-amp, do not hesitate one second!