Spectral DMA 360 mono amps

€ 7.695

(excl. transport)

My experience
The Spectral DMA 360 mono’s represent a breakthrough for Spectral’s electronics and for the design of solid-state in general. The DMA 360 have no identifiable character or coloration. They have very wide dynamic capabilities and the overall dynamics exceeds macrodynamic resolution of any amplifier.

The DMA 360 have no noticeable electronic noise, are simply dead quiet in operation and you won’t notice the mono amps are on when they are in your system. There is no electronic haze or glaze over any part of the sound spectrum, exposing amazing dimensional images with its reproduced sound space. These mono amps have for sure something seductiveness. 

Their greatest strength lies in its power reserves; super ease and effortlessness. Because the DMA 360 is such a powerhouse (not in size or weight), it can handle the reproduction of complex musical material with big ease. Very engaging and super fun to listen to these very fast powerhouses in your system.

The Spectral DMA 360 are fully serviced and restored into new condition.