TAD M600

€ 29.995,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
TAD M600 stands simply for amazing control, especially in low frequencies and a beautiful sound reproduction. Those searching for a great definition in the low frequencies, TAD M600 are for sure the monoblocks to purchase; lots of power with such ease and super neutral.

With a total symmetry and fusion of technologies TAD M600 creates the ultimate sound reproduction. Every aspect has been optimised: twin power transformers, the parallel positioned electrolytic capacitors and the layout of the components on the circuit board. All designed to be symmetric with regards to influences such as temperature change, magnetic fields and vibration. The industrial design of the TAD M600 is of a super high quality. The TAD M600 monoblocks are truly massive beautiful beasts weighing each 90kg.

With smart spiked adjustable feet, hidden in the 4 corners of the chassis, power rated at 300W/8ohm and fully balanced, the TAD M600 are fully capable to drive any speaker.

For those who simply desires very high standards… TAD M600 for sure will satisfy you!