Taiko Extreme server | 8TB

€ 21.500,00

(excl. transport) | Margin item

My experience
The Taiko Extreme streamer is manufactured in the Netherlands and is a processing power house, the very top of music servers, with ingenious tech and invention beautifully realised and crafted. The Taiko Extreme streamer is the most superlative system in the world which get written, talked and raved about online and in print.

The Dutch founded, designed and crafted Taiko Extreme streamer has an aircraft grade aluminum enclosure with enormous heat sinks, with 6000 holes drilled into the top plate of the chassis to attenuate resonance, has a linear power supply with 400VA transformer, Lundahl chokes, and 700,000µF of Mundorf and Duelund capacitors, contains two-microprocessor architecture, designed to provide Roon, while isolating the music engine on a separate dedicated microprocessor and is a music server that weighs a massive 45kg.

The Taiko Extreme streamer is engineered and built from the ground up to optimise the playback of streaming music as well as natively stored files. Taiko is constantly upgrading its own native software to optimise Roon and outperform its previous generation music software. The Taiko Extreme streamer sounds like music without digital artefacts and outperforms any other digital source.

The Taiko Extreme streamer delivers a supremely unforced and natural performance, cleaner, more present sound, greater sense of order and coherency and the sense of clarity is outstanding. At the moment it is the best Music server in existence. The Taiko Extreme streamer brings you much closer to the music, closer to the musicians and closer to the room/venue that the recording was recorded in.

A true ultra reference component… For those who want nothing but the best!