Taralabs Omega Onyx | 2.20m Speaker cable

My experience
The Tara Labs Zero belonging to the former TaraLabs highest series. The Omega Onyx, a cable equivalent to the older Omega but with more conductors and improved dielectric. The Omega Onyx used to be terribly expensive. And terribly good…These cables cannot be replaced by just anything else because the best of cables are unfortunately incredibly expensive.

The Tara Labs cable gives an incredibly saturated sound, smoothen out treble, gives more vividness to the whole, super balanced and incredible sonic energy. The Tara Labs Omega Onyx are structural, not superficial. It simply offers a completely different perspective on each musical event.

The Zero gives a complete sound and one “for life”. It is a perfect solution for anyone who wants relief and to seek no further.

Very Rare, but NOW AVAILABLE!