Taralabs Zero Gold 1.0m Gen2

My experience
One of the most successful audio cables of all time is the original Zero Gold interconnect from TARA Labs, which is absolutely fabulous!

Its successor, The ZERO Gold Generation 2 audio cable does have a complete and even better flexibility and outperforms the original Zero Gold. The treble is smoother and has less grain or edginess. The midrange is eerily lifelike and produces a spookily quiet background. The sound is very relaxed and dense at the same time and creates an amazing space and air. A sound that can be described as holographic with lots of detail. This interconnect is simply astounding!

In other words…The ZERO Gold Generation 2 creates an incredible combination of holographic imaging, dead silence, body, pace and rhythm, detail, performer placement, sense of space, and..and..much more

The Tara Labs Zero Gold Gen2 is a must have!