Usher CP8571 DMD Mk2

€ 4.150,00

(excl. transport, margin item)

My experience
The Usher CP-8571 DMD Mk2 is a high-end three-way loudspeaker known for its innovative design and robust Rolex-like construction, exceptionally high-performance drivers and sound so good that it easily competes with speakers selling for thousands more. 

Featuring a DMD diamond tweeter, 180mm mid tone woofer, and 200mm woofer, these speakers offer impressive sound qualities; highly focused, high-frequency and upper-midrange detail without a trace of edge or glare, mid/woofer can resolve extremely fine textures and nuances, gains enough power to capture explosive transients and has enough reach to handle upper-bass frequencies with authority.   

The Usher CP-8571 DMD Mk2 are one of the most holographic speakers, producing images that float free from its surfaces and has raving positive reviews for its sound characteristics and bass extensions.

The Usher’s Dancer CP-8571 II is a wonderfully capable speaker that gives you near top-notch performance at an amazing price.