VAC Statement Line preamp

€ 45.000,00

(excl. transport, incl. 21% VAT)

My experience
The VAC Statement Line Preamplifier is a cost no object in performance and design. It is part of the Statement series, known for its super low noise and vibration, contributing to higher perceived resolution. The preamplifier consists of two chassis, weighing a total of a staggering 55kg. The design philosophy behind the VAC Statement series involves “first principles” engineering, aiming for optimal performance. The Statement Line Preamplifier is all quality with super features.

The VAC Statement Line Preamplifier represent the highest expression of fidelity that can occur when all cost constraints are removed from the design and manufacturing process. The heart of the VAC Statement Line Preamplifier is a high current, low impedance, balanced Class A1 triode vacuum tube amplifier. Its inputs and outputs couple to the outside world through high precision wide-band transformers. 

Inherently balanced in design, the transformers themselves accomplish conversion to single-ended operation in a sonically transparent way when required. The avoidance of negative feedback and use of transformer coupling eliminates unwanted stray interactions between the source components and power amplifiers. Volume is controlled by a very costly, massive, one pound multi-section potentiometer. For remote function VAC engineered a custom drive assembly with a very fine degree of adjustability; this is the best sounding remote volume control in the world. 

The resulting chassis possesses superior RF rejection properties for greater resolution and subjectively blacker backgrounds. Similar care is taken around each of the six wide band audio transformers. All interconnecting wires are carefully routed and directed by spaced nonmetallic guides. 

The massive separate dual mono power supply has substantial energy storage and high inherent regulation. For Ultra home video lovers..there is also a fixed volume input for use as a slave in a multi-channel home theater system. The cinema source may also be balanced or single ended.

The VAC Statement Line Preamplifier is THE pinnacle of tube preamps…