Vitus MP – L201 | Masterpiece Series

My experience
The Masterpiece series…

Build truly as masterpieces, thick heavy and luxury cases with the outstanding and very recognisable beautiful Vitus design. The MP-L201 preamplifier is fully balanced, offers five inputs and three outputs, so more then enough to experience the Ultra high-end Masterpiece level of Vitus.

I really loved the Vitus within my set. The Vitus MP-L201 has lots of beautiful control, is very neutral, has a beautiful soundstage, producing suiting and musical reality with a bit of a warm tonality. For sure not disturbing. The MP-L201 is very open, clear and peaceful which makes you able to listen for hours.   

The MP-L201 preamplifier comes in two boxes, one contains the actual preamplifier, the other with the power supply.