Vitus SS-101

My experience
The SS-101 is a fully balanced beast of a stereo amplifier. For those who want the very best in performance, the SS-101 is the statement stereo amplifier you want to experience. The SS-101 pulls you right into the music, where many super stereo amps fail to do so. The SS-101 is super neutral, creates a very suiting tranquility, ensures excellent signal to noise ratio and makes it possible to reveal every micro detail in the recordings. The performance of the SS-101 redefines how close to live music you can get by listening to reproduced music. For me, who wants the very best, there is no finer choice than the SS-101.

The SS-101 amplifier is really huge with at both sides massive radiators and is 2x 50W in class A.

A true reference amplifier…

– Incl. 21% VAT, comes with a VAT invoice