VPI Aries 3

€ 2.750,00

(excl. transport)

The experience
Great turntable, lots of fun and The Aries 3 can be taken to a performance level that comes very close to the ultimate resolution.

To optimise stability and damping, the Aries 3 chassis is built as a sandwich of two layers of 5/8-inch polished black acrylic, top and bottom, with a 5/8-inch aluminum center section. This provides an inert, quiet and stable platform for the platter and pickup arm. The plinth sits on four aluminum cones whose bottoms are hardened steel balls. This cone suspension, in combination with the laminated chassis, is solidly rigid. The cones are adjustable for levelling. 

This VPI Aries 3 has got the Nordost Valhalla silver wired arm upgrade and comes with a custom made dustcover and record clamp.