Wilson Audio Alexia 1

My experience
The Alexia’s are clarity, uncoloured and full-range balanced. Super flexible in setup and optimisation and most of all it’s all musicality…unrivalled, rare. These are great HighEnd speakers and a true musical adventure. Alexia is something special. Unquestionably an engineering and manufacturing excellence. I wish that everyone could share this experience.The technique of allowing the midrange driver and tweeter to be time-aligned for any listening height or distance is something to fine-tune the Alexia onto amazing levels of quality. The Alexia is one of the most adjustable loudspeakers. Few speakers can match its level. The Wilson Audio Alexia is a well-designed loudspeaker that is capable of delivering prodigious bass, linear midrange and extended treble. The tweeter is very accurate, sweet, smooth and has a great dispersion.

Beautiful build and finish.. a world class performance speaker for ears..and eyes!