Zanden 3100

€ 7.450,00

(excl. transport | Margin item)

My experience
Japanese perfectionism is very inspiring!

Zanden stands for truly ear-opening experiences. The Zanden 3100 has its own style and identity, milky white, frosted acrylic front and side panels, two large, flat, aluminium knobs for control source selection and level. 

The Zanden 3100 is very very quiet, the music comes from a very dark background and is free of any grain, is super engaging, has lots of stability and focus and a low noise floor. The Zanden 3100 delivers a magical performance with a beautiful realistic treble, is fast and clear, and has a suiting mid and bass. The sound staging and reproduction of the ambient space, in which a recording was made, is one of the most spacious I’ve heard; depth and width filled with lots of air. 

With the right recordings, your ears will experience an all the way spectacular effect.