I have spent nearly my whole life chasing my passion for unique audio experiences.
Nothing is more fulfilling to me than to be able to listen to the vibration and texture of every piece of audio in full natural delivery. It is my high.

I started Playground to be able to give people, who love sound like I do, the same joy that high quality audio equipment gives me. My desire to experience subtle differences, in every available specificity, has led me to frequently change the equipment I live with for a period of time. This constant search for the most crystallized audio experience has given me access to an incredible assortment, which I can now share with audiophiles like yourselves.

Every piece of equipment at Playground is personal to me. It tells its own story and creates its own experience. I have personally curated this collection from my own discoveries and each piece has given me a great sense of joy. All the equipment I offer is broad and diverse, technically and in style. There is a wide choice of previous demo models as well as brand new equipment and a niche of some collector’s items. All equipment is in technical and cosmetic near-mint or mint condition. They have been thoroughly inspected and carefully revised by experts. A fresh revision is available if an item, entirely or partly, requires a fresh treatment, with aftercare by renowned company Centripetal.

The joy of sound is infinite and deserves to be explored. I hope Playground can bring you closer to discovering your very own audio playground time and time again.

With sonic and playful regards,