Kroma Julieta

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My experience
The Kroma Julieta is seen by many as one of the most beautiful loudspeakers in the world… A true work of art in any interior.

The Kroma Julieta is beautifully designed. It’s stand is not only beautiful but also functional. The crossover is located in the base of the stand in a completely enclosed room. The housing of the Kroma Julieta is made of Krion, a non-conductive and non-magnetic material that has a very high mass, so that there is little to no resonance from the housing itself.

The Kroma Julieta is sounding natural, dynamic, very lifelike, extremely neutral, smooth sounding and is easy to drive with a 90dB sensitivity, which makes the Julieta very easy controllable with a modest (tube)power amplifier. All above ensures a very neutral and natural sound experience. The Kroma Julieta blossoms in free space with true force and great reach at your sweet spot.