Kharma MP150 + P150 + Plateaus(3x)

€ 4.200,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
Milled from a solid aluminum block, the Kharma MP150 are for its size very heavy. Kharma MP150 project an outstanding image; from the lower midrange to the very top of the highs, the music flows very naturally, the top end is completely open, without signs of harshness to be found. The Kharma MP150 offer an amazing speed and proved to be a great match for equally agile horns. The Kharma MP150 are Class D, excel fantastic and deliver a rock-solid bass without any radiant resonance or blur; bass combines with a very tube character, totally without any effort. The MP150 mono’s are small but will nevertheless challenge and defeat many far more expensive set and solid-state power amplifiers. The MP150 makes the choice between tube and a transistor amplifier easy; the very unheard of musical Class D in this special Kharma mono set combines the very best features of both.

The Matrix P-150 preamplifier features a sleek all-aluminum design, emphasising both aesthetics and functionality. Many positive reviews, with the sound characterised as behaving like well-nourished Single Ended Triode (SET) amplifiers offering a balanced and warm tonal balance from the lower midrange to the highs.

The Kharma P150 pre is definitively one you have to try out. The Kharma P150 preamp, part of the Matrix MP-150 series, has a great performance. Paired with the MP150 amplifiers, it delivers a sound praised for its quality and richness. The preamp features a frequency response of 0Hz to 200kHz, has very low total harmonic distortion and contributes to an impressive audio setup.