SoulNote M3 mono amps

€ 21,495,00

(excl. transport, incl. 21% VAT)

My experience
The SoulNote M3 mono’s are mechanically complex power amplifiers. All sections of the device are physically separated from each other. Both the electronics boards and the side baffles, bottom and top, transformer and power supply, each of these elements is an independent whole that only flows in a given place and is not permanently tightened to anything. The aluminum plates on which the loudspeaker terminals, separate XLR input and, on a separate plate, the power socket are installed, are independent of each other and are vibration free floating. To keep all from falling apart, everything is mounted on pins with titanium washers. All amazingly wel build and constructed.

The qualities of the SoulNote M3 have only great positive remarks. The SoulNote M3 are true to reality of the playback source and will reveal all what the music contains and requires… dynamics, openness, 3D soundstage, natural warmth and  a lot more of where that came from.

The midrange of the The SoulNote M3 is very similar to that of high-end tube amplifiers. The SoulNote M3 presentation is all about fluidity and coherence. When needed, the SoulNote M3 mono amplifiers present low bass without any hesitation and or shortcoming.

Japanese perfection, now for a much more affordable price…