Cocktail Audio X50Pro | 2x 1TB HDD NAS

€ 3.150,00

(excl. transport)

The experience
Elevate your musical experience with the Cocktail Audio X50Pro, a Reference Digital Player. The Cocktail Audio X50Pro’s robust aluminium case is quality crafted with precision. 

The Cocktail Audio X50Pro is a comprehensive music server with audiophile quality sound, CD ripper and network streamer. A great solution for all your music needs.

You are able to rip CD’s to an internal SSD, stream from Apple Music, Amazon and other sources including internet radio. The unit provides built in interfaces for streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, which requires a supplied app for Apple or Android devices and or stream from Apple Music from an iPhone or iPad using the Apple Music app. With it’s double HDD bay you are also able to activate the NAS function which secures your precious music collection. The Cocktail Audio X50Pro interface is easy to use and works very well.

Music from the Cocktail Audio X50Pro sounds natural, musical and very analog like.  With enhanced performance, versatile functions and impressive sound quality, it allows you to manage and play your extensive hi-res digital music collection. The Cocktail Audio X50Pro takes your music enjoyment to the next level and ensures a sublime sound quality.