Aurender W20 | Streamer | 12TB

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My experience
A beautiful silver design, amazing sound reproduction, easy to use and former top model; The Aurender W20.

Engineered to deliver both superior sound quality and convenience, the Aurender W20 enables digital to analog converters to perform at full potential by outputting a bit-perfect audio signal with virtually no jitter or noise. For the best convenience in browsing and playing music, the Aurender App is packed with features that make playing and managing high resolution music collections a breeze. The Aurender W20 is one of the few music servers to support external word clocks and dual-wire mode AES/EBU used by many reference digital-to-analog converters to separate transmission of left and right channels for better fidelity!

The Aurender W20 and former top model is a highly recommendable device that offers great value, is very cleverly designed, has a great intuitive functionality and a slick user interface, made for high residual value and comes with three banks of LiFePO4 batteries alternately power audio components and recharge. This completely isolates audio components from ground noise and also eliminates jitter and distortion incurred in converting AC to DC.

Highly recommended! This W20 has the 2x 6TB storage capacity.