Lampizator Horizon

€ 41.500,00

(excl. transport, incl. 21% VAT)

My experience
I am super impressed!!… This DAC is like no other; massive, heavy and visual very engaging.

The Lampizator Horizon is very minimalistic with its two-digit Nixie tube display and three round buttons on the front. 

Big power pentodes which generates the big, bold, effortless sound. The Lampizator Horizon is very resolute and yet so filled with texture, rich in tone, super dimensional, bloom, body, tonal, refined, expressive, vivid and soooo realistically, effortlessly and incredible spatial!

I have not owned another DAC offering the ability to so convincingly recreate the dimensionality and space of a soundstage. Unmatched in this regard in my experience. The finest example of a stand-alone Digital to Analog component. Its performance has no equal in my experience.

Top the mountain! In my experience, if you can afford it, there is no better DAC available today!