Jeff Rowland Daemon

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The experience
The Daemon is one of Jeff Rowlands most sophisticated products to date.

The Jeff Rowland Daemon is pretty big, bold and beautifully intuitive. When it comes to style and external quality, nothing in High-end audio can match Rowland products. The Rowland Daemon is amazing in terms of both physical and musical satisfaction. Its looks, its fit and finish, its functional versatility and its physical presence… No other piece of High-end equipment is able to look so complete at home.

The Jeff Rowland Daemon is an integrated amplifier with top Reference level components: Streamer, DAC, Phono stage, Preamplifier and Monoblock Power Amplifier. Milled from solid aircraft grade Aluminum and designed by Jeff and Thomas Holm from the ground up to be The Statement level performer. The Jeff Rowland Daemon looks and feels impressive as much as it is solid. 

The Jeff Rowland Daemon output power rates 1500W at 8 ohm and 2500W at 4 ohm per channel and the presentation has a crisp articulation, Deep bass, staggering macro dynamics, micro detail, great harmonics, fast authority, natural and total sweetness and effortlessness.

A true High-end state of the art jewel…