Goldmund Metis MK2

€ 8.750,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
The Goldmund Metis Mk2 is a high-end wireless speaker full of innovative technology, impeccable functionality, seamless design with heavy, well-built aluminum speaker enclosure. The Goldmund Metis Mk2 utilises a Telos amplifier with two separate channels and a common power supply, allowing power distribution according to each driver’s needs. Goldmund is truly a Swiss luxury High-end audio brand.

Goldmund is known for their quality construction and the fact that they are at the forefront of what is technically possible in audio. The Goldmund Metis Mk2 is a pair of surprisingly heavy and seamlessly built aluminium speakers. Contained within each small cabinet are two 175-Watt Goldmund Telos amplifiers and an electronic crossover. The distortion within their specified power range is so low that they can be driven loudly without risk to the drivers. The audio signal is transmitted either wirelessly, or via a coaxial SPDIF connection. The wireless system that the Metis uses is propriety technology developed between Goldmund and Texas Instruments. This, among other things, does not suffer from the shared bandwidth of regular Wi-Fi, through active monitoring of the available channels. This Goldmund system sounds amazing wireless; wirelessly they open up even more then wired!  The Goldmund Metis Mk2 active speakers sound super analogue, timing is spot on and the clarity and realism is awesome!

The Goldmund Metis Mk2 is an extremely fuss-free system that is both easy to set up and very simple to use. WAF approved!! 😉