Soulution 520 +Phono | Pre amp

€ 7.850,00

(excl. transport)

My experience
Soulution designed the 520 preamp to be an extremely wide bandwidth design and places great emphasis on ultra-fast response times as a result.

The Soulution 520 is perfectly equipped for all audiophile requirements with four line inputs and a high quality built in phono stage. The inbuilt MC phono stage has no gain adjustment. Soulution states that the Soulution 520 is quiet enough to accommodate the lowest gain cartridges without hitting the noise floor of the preamplifier. Impedance is set at the rear panel, using a series of DIP switches between the left and right channel MC inputs. The input ranges are near silent. 

The Soulution 520 has great dynamics, resolution, control, musicality and above all neutrality. All as close to perfection as possible.

The Soulution 520 is a top class preamplifier.