Mark Levinson 532 | Amp (NOS)

€ 9.995,00

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My experience
The ML 532 is the best Mark Levinson dual-mono amplifier ever built. Featuring two 400-watt monaural power amplifiers housed in a single chassis! The ML 532 offers the distinctive sonic signature of earlier Mark Levinson dual-mono amplifiers, but with fully improved resolution and dynamics. The chassis of the ML 532 is specially designed to isolate the audio circuits from interference and noise.

The ML 532 Dual Monaural Power Amplifier gives an outstanding performance and contains all of the best features of past Mark Levinson amplifiers to create a new, streamlined design with extensive isolation of signal path circuitry and has this way exceptionally low impedance levels from the AC supply to the loudspeaker outputs and very minimal signal degradation.

The final result is amazing impressive, even for the Mark Levinson high standard of excellence.

This ML 532 is a very rare NEW OLD STOCK ML amplifier. A rare opportunity to own a new ML 532 which will give you great musical power for many years to come.