Gryphon Antileon EVO mono amps

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My experience
The Gryphon Antileon EVO mono amps do have a stunning build-quality, a striking industrial design and make quite a visual statement with its polished black-acrylic panels, ribbed column, large sub-panel with a row of buttons and display and industrial somehow playful bold designed cooling ribs.

The Gryphon Antileon EVO mono amps have lots of grip and authority with a delicious Class A liquidity. The music presentation is full of vibrant life, dynamics and seductive tone colors… Very organic, warm, rich of tone color and beautiful liquid tube like sounding. The Gryphon Antileon EVO’s mono amps Class A operation presents a very seductive warm, liquid kind of texture and performs with a great sense of ease, and speed. 

Those beautiful mono amp beasts create lots of exciting energy and warm harmonic richness…