EMM labs DV2 V2 | DAC

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The EMM Labs DV2 V2 is a highly regarded digital-to-analog converter known for its astonishing neutrality and accuracy.

The EMM Labs DV2 V2 provides a large, stable image with layers of depth that may be lost in digital processing. The The EMM Labs DV2 V2 features a no-nonsense industrial design with brushed aluminum, emphasising superb build quality. The EMM Labs DV2 V2 DAC is pretty substantial in size and weight, delivers very smooth, naturally warm, consistently engaging and non-fatiguing reproduction of music, excellent in low-level detail, great depth, and accurate tonality. 

The EMM Labs DV2 V2 real-time digital signal processing adjusts filter settings dynamically.. much fewer digital artefacts than expected contribute to its overall impressive performance.

The EMM Labs DV2 V2 image size, resolution, and bass are up there with the very best available. The EMM Labs DV2 V2’s sound is guaranteed music to your ears. Don’t hesitate to audition it in your reference system. You will fall deeply in love with its excellent sound… Be careful, you may end up upgrading some of your other components to match the level of the EMM Labs DV2 V2.



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